WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Your Brand, Your Logo, Your Label - Vape Wild White Label

Nov 5th 2018

VapeWild is an award-winning, Dallas based e-liquid manufacturer, retailer, and worldwide distributor. 

We are a leading online brand with over 150 flavors. We ship over 750,000 bottles a month and are a co-packing manufacturer for some of the biggest and most popular e-liquid premium brands. 

We currently have a 60,000+ square foot manufacturing facility that includes testing labs, automated and semi-automated production lines for both large and small production. We are both FDA and TPD Compliant. 

VapeWild can provide your business with everything you need to create your own house brand including FDA approved in-house labeling and bottling/packaging. Why not use our expertise and exceptional flavors to help build your store brand and reputation to keep your customers coming back! 

Create your own FDA approved e-liquid! 

•Pick your flavors 

•Choose your nicotine strengths 

•Select your bottle sizes 

•Pick your labels and flavor menu 

•Add your own logo

15 bottle MOQ per bottle size and nicotine strength | Flavor Menu cards included | Free shipping on all orders over $750