WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

OFE Tobacco Lane Bundle

$998.00 $799.00
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Bottle Size:
60 mL
PG / VG Ratio:
70 / 30
OFE Tobacco Lane Bundle

While fruity and dessert flavors appeal to many vapers, there are those who still prefer the taste of tobacco, which is why we’re offering the Tobacco Lane bundle from Old Fashioned Elixir (OFE). This bundle has 200 bottles of OFE’s four tobacco-tasting flavors. This bundle comes with 50 bottles each of Turkish Blend, Original Bold, Cool Menthol, and Classic Gold — there is a total of 200 60mL bottles within the bundle. Buy this bundle today, and save 20%. Your customers will love these tobacco-flavored e-juices.

What’s in the Bundle:

  • 200 Bottles
  • 4 OFE Tobacco Lane Flavors
  • 50 Bottles Per Flavor
  • Per Flavor:
    • 6 bottles of 0mg
    • 10 bottles of 3mg
    • 10 bottles of 6mg
    • 12 bottles of 12mg
    • 12 bottles of 18mg
  • 20% Off Regular Retail Price

Flavor Profiles:

  • Turkish Blend: Rich, Robust Tobacco
  • Original Bold: Bold Tobacco
  • Cool Menthol: Tobacco, Menthol
  • Classic Gold: Smooth Tobacco