WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

VapeWild 100 Bundle

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VapeWild 100 Bundle

Our 100 bottle bundle includes our top five flavors, and we’re offering them at a discounted price. This bundle comes with 20 bottles of each of our top flavors. Each set of 20 has bottles of differing nicotine levels to make sure your customers get the nicotine flavor that’s right for them — 3 bottles of 0mg, 8 bottles of 3mg, 6 bottles of 6mg, and 3 bottles of 12mg. Get our bundle today, and treat your customers to our top five flavors.

What’s in the Bundle:

  • 100 Bottles
  • Top 5 VapeWild Flavors
  • 20 Bottles of Each Flavor
  • Per Flavor:
    • 3 bottles of 0mg
    • 8 bottles of 3mg
    • 6 bottles of 6mg
    • 3 bottles of 12mg
  • 10% Off Regular Retail Price

Flavor Profiles

  • Murica: Lemon-Lime, Blue Raspberries, Cherries
  • Hannibal Nectar: Peaches, Oranges, Melons, Berries
  • Ice Cold: Mint, Menthol
  • OCC (On Cloud Custard): Custard, Vanilla
  • Cowboy Cooler: Berries, Menthol